Looptworks // LUV Seat Project

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A national press campaign to launch the LUV Seat Collection in collaboration with Southwest Airlines.

“From the period of August, 2014 – June, 2015, Looptworks engaged Stylesmith to handle all of our Social Media responsibilities and Public Relations. The primary reason for the engagement was to create a social media strategy that was consistent with our brand position and to put a creative, fun and engaging spin on it to not only engage our current audience, but grow it as well. Stylesmith demonstrated an excellent ability to match our brand voice and expand upon the brand personality we had prior to their work.

During this time, we had several strategic partnerships going simultaneously. This required coordination with large marketing, PR and social media teams from several Fortune 100 companies. Stylesmith handled all the communication externally and internally and was adept at organizing the efforts for all teams. The results were very successful campaigns. We garnered more than 300 million media impressions as a result of these campaigns and introduced our brand to a national and international audience.

I would highly recommend Stylesmith for their creative approach that maintains an on brand approach while engaging their audience in a unique way.”

– Scott Hamlin, Co-Founder, Looptworks.